Flip Off Seals

Pharmaceutical Flip off Seals

Aluminium flip off seals have glossy and matt finishes. It comes with standard and customized colours, in different sizes – 13mm, 20mm and 32mm. Flip off seals have a plastic top that flips off tearing out the centre which reveals the stopper. Aluminium flip off seals find its application in injections.

Innovative Pharma packaging With Flip Top Seals

Flip off seal manufacturer at Pharma Packages manufacture flip off seals very innovatively. Their vial flip off caps enhance protection, reliability and efficiency. Parenteral packaging solutions based on vials comprise a glass bottle or vial that is filled with medication and sealed with a rubber stopper before being sealed with an aluminium cap. 

The most popular implementation of this type of cap is the flip off vial seal cap, which consists of an aluminium shell and a plastic disc that needs to be flipped off with the thumb in order to access the area where the stopper penetrates. Flip caps are consequently made of two components: an aluminium portion and a plastic part. These components are formed using different manufacturing processes and then mechanically combined to form a single product.

Product Details : Flip Off Vial Seals

The aluminium seal of the Flip-Off seal has a plastic button fastened to it. It comes in various dimensions: 13 mm, 20 mm, 32 mm. The layout and dimensions of the plastic button, as well as the manner in which the plastic and aluminium parts are put together, are what distinguish flip caps from one another. 

The top surface of the cap may be flat or curved in relation to the flip button design. These caps are less prone to scratches since the contact surface of the domed plastic sections is smaller than that of the entire vial, which could have a positive aesthetic effect on the entire vial presentation. 

Flip Off Seals Special Features

Structural features

Polypropylene disc: raised edge, mat or shine finish.
Custom proportions and designs.
Personalised text embossing or logo for identification.
Many colours (plastic disk and aluminium cap) to help identify the product.

Reduced Risk

Plastic disc gives improved protection.
Lacquering minimizes risk of oxidation

User Friendly

High quality raw materials used in manufacturing of flip off seals.
Clean ash free opening.


EN 8011 is used in manufacturing which is the industry's highest alloy quality.
Pristine processing.

Why Choose Pharma Packages For Flip Off Vial Seals

Pharma Package seals are used by producers of injectable medicinal products to ensure product security and patient safety. Their Flip-Off and Tear-Off seals assist preserve closure integrity, offer outstanding machinability, and verify the customer's goods.

Plastic buttons and aluminium shells are available in various colours and special purpose polymers. Additionally, Pharma Packages employ premium raw materials to make items. Their products are manufactured in the most sophisticated environment, with fully automated camera inspection.

The highest level of confidence is guaranteed by Pharma Packages Flip Caps. Their Flip Caps are made from the best alloy available in the market and come with a polypropylene disc to increase user convenience and improve piercing zone protection.

Contact Pharma Packages now at their email for high-quality based flip off seals. Pharma Packages can also help you with customized seals as per your requirements. 


Injectable medicine packaging and storage is one of the primary uses for aluminium flip-off seals. Until the time comes to employ the pharmaceuticals, these seals are intended to keep the tops of vials and other containers sterile and uncontaminated. Tablets and capsules are among the various pharmaceutical goods that are stored and transported using aluminium flip-off seals.

Flip Off Seals are made precisely in compliance with export requirements. Pharma Packages also provide lacquered aluminium sealing. Their aluminium closing seals are simple to open with the thumb. Moreover, premium plastics are used to make flip-off plastic caps.

Verify the space between the plastic and aluminium components of the flip-off seals by using mechanical equipment to rivet the cap into place. Under pressure and heat, the plastic and aluminium components are tightly blended, leaving no space between them. There is a big gap that may be shaken up and down between the plastic cap and the aluminium cap because the manual riveting is unable to apply more pressure.

Flip-off caps on vials serve as a physical barrier to the seal, aid in product differentiation, and serve as tamper evidence and indication of partial use. 

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