Flip Tear Off Seals

Pharmaceutical Flip off Tear off Seals

Flip Tear Off Seals is a two-function product that comes in standard and customized colors. With the help of the thumb and forefinger, one needs to flip off the plastic cap to expose the underlying stopper and seal.

Innovative Pharma packaging With Tearable Flip Top Seals

Tearable flip-top seals are innovatively manufactured at Pharma Packages. Tear-off seals have an aluminum seal with a bridged tear-out tab, which protects the target area that must be removed to expose the injection site.

After that, 100% in-line camera control of the built caps completes the manufacturing of flip caps. This allows the rejection of parts that are defective, such as poorly assembled caps, colored caps or discs, or aluminum parts that are deformed. Tearable flip-top seals are packed first in plastic bags and then in a carton box of industrial quality.

Product Details : Flip Tear Off Vial Seals

The top surface of the cap may be flat or curved in relation to the flip button design. These caps are less prone to scratches since the contact surface of the domed plastic sections is smaller than that of the entire vial, which could have a positive aesthetic effect on the entire vial presentation. Flip tear-off vial seals come in two sizes- 13mm and 20mm.

The flip tear-off vial seal cap, which has an aluminum shell and a plastic disc that must be flipped off with the thumb to reveal the area where the stopper enters, is the most widely used application of this kind of cap. As such, flip caps consist of two parts: a plastic part and an aluminum part. These parts are assembled mechanically to create a single product after being manufactured using various manufacturing techniques.

Special Features of Our Flip Tear Off Seals


The production facilities are ISO certified 9001:2015
100% camera inspection, clean processing, and the highest alloy quality in the industry.


Produced for and intended for use with high-speed lines.
External lacquering for maximum crimping and machinability.


Top-notch raw materials are utilised in the production of flip tear off seals.
Ash-free and spotless opening is provided.

Why Choose Pharma Packages For Flip Tear- Off Vial Seals?

Pharma Packages has been involved in parenteral packaging for more than 20 years, so we are aware of your concern for patient convenience and product safety. Get the highest level of assurance since the seals are manufactured, inspected, and tested under the strictest guidelines in the business.

Their Flip Tear Off Seals are made from the top range available in the market and come with a polypropylene disc to increase user convenience and improve piercing zone protection. Pharma Package seals are used by producers of injectable medicinal products to ensure product security and patient safety.

Their Flip-Off and Tear-Off seals assist preserve closure integrity, offer outstanding machinability, and verify the customer's goods. Plastic buttons and aluminium shells are available in various colours and special purpose polymers. Additionally, they employ premium raw materials to make their items.

Get started with Pharma Packages for aluminum flip tear-off seals. Contact them at  Info@pharmapackages.co.uk to get the most from their products.


With their creative closing, Tear-Off aluminium seals give customers a better tamper-evident packaging while also taking user safety seriously. Both centre tear-off and full tear-off applications can benefit from the usage of seals.

Applying pressure with the thumb will easily cause the red plastic top to fall off. This reveals the draw ring and central hole in the metal seal. The middle tear ring can be pulled to entirely rip off the seal, or you can use a syringe to access the contents. This seal enables for the entire separation of plastic, aluminium, rubber, and glass after use, which satisfies the necessity for a recyclable product.

Flip off tear off seals are made precisely in compliance with export requirements. Pharma Packages also provide lacquered aluminium sealing. It is mostly cosmetic industry so its main function is to reuse by the consumer as you can put the rubber stopper back again on the vial. Their aluminium closing seals are simple to open with the thumb. Moreover, premium plastics are used to make flip-off tear off plastic caps.

Aluminum-plastic composite covers are cost-effective, making them a popular choice for various industries. These covers can be reused, reducing waste and promoting sustainability. Made of high-quality aluminum material, these covers are hygienic, non-rusting, and easy to open without auxiliary tools. These are cushioning, shock resistance, heat insulation, moisture resistance, and chemical corrosion resistance. 

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