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Innovative Solutions for Pharma Infusion Bottles: Explore Our Plastic Hangers

Pharma Packages produce plastic hangers for infusion bottles made of glass. Hanging the goods in its intended application is helpful. 250ml, 500ml and 1000ml IV bottles is the capacity of plastic hangers.

FDA-approved LDPE is used in the manufacturing of LDPE Infusion Bottle Hangers, along with a unique formulation to accommodate heavy load bearing capacity on hanger wires. World-class production infrastructure and imported PLC machines, together with clean room facilities, are used in the production of these hangers by Pharma Packages, which ensures that the shelf life of these hangers is long.

Key Features of Our Plastic Hangers for Infusion Bottles

The plastic holders for glass infusion bottles are manufactured in the most sophisticated environment, with state of the art production facilities, fully automated camera inspections and an exceptional product care process.

Reduced Risk

Plastic disc gives improved protection.
Lacquering minimizes risk of oxidation.

User Friendly

High quality raw materials used in manufacturing of flip off seals.
Clean ash free opening.

Specifically Designed for Infusion Bottles

Glass infusion bottle hanger made of plastic makes hanging the goods in its intended application helpful.

LDPE Material for Durability​

Given the high chemical inertness, low-density polyethene (LDPE) has found widespread use due to its malleability, barrier qualities, great impact strength, and stress crack resistance. In addition, it is reasonably priced when compared to other polymers. This LDPE material ensures durability of plastic hangers.

Why Choose Pharma Packages for Our Pharmaceutical Bottle Plastic Hangers

Pharma Package plastic hangers are used by producers of injectable medicinal products to ensure product security and patient safety. With over 20+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry their plastic hangers for infusion bottles help preserve closure integrity, offer outstanding machinability, and verify the customer's goods.

Plastic buttons and aluminium shells are available in various colours and special purpose polymers. Additionally, Pharma Packages employ premium raw materials to make items. Their products are manufactured in the most sophisticated environment, with fully automated camera inspection.

The highest level of confidence is guaranteed by Pharma Packages. Their plastic hangers are made from the best raw materials available in the market to increase user convenience and improve piercing zone protection.

Contact Pharma Packages now at their email - for high quality based pharmaceutical bottle hangers. Pharma Packages can also help you with customized hangers as per your requirements.

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These bottles lack the integrated holes necessary to hang them from a hook so that the patient can receive simple, efficient medication delivery. This compels medical professionals to devise improvised remedies, which may cause issues if not used appropriately. 

Low-density polyethylene, or LDPE, is a type of thermoplastic that is in the Polyethylene branch. It is flexible, robust, lightweight, and soft. The thermoplastic material has a reputation for being corrosion-resistant and compatible at low temperatures. In addition to its high chemical characteristics and impact resistance, the polymer is also easily fabricated or processed. The melting point of it is 110°C.

1)Improved protection

2) Extremely Flexible 

3) Exceptionally Low Weight 

4) Cost-effective 

5) Sturdy 

6) Superb Stiffness 

7) Greater Flexibility   

8) Simple to Recycle

The PP IV bottle hanger is appropriate for packaging in the pharmaceutical industry and is disposable.

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