Score Line Flip Off Seals

Elevate Packaging Excellence: Score Line Flip Off Seals by Pharma Packages

Score line flip off seals manufactured at Pharma Packages guarantees enhanced user safety and convenience. With its unique feature, removing the plastic flip from seal leaves behind no rough edges on the aluminium. Score line flip off seals come in standard and customized colours with glossy and matt finish. At Pharma Packages you can get score line flip off seals of 20mm size. 

Key Features of Our Score Line Flip Off Seals

The layout and dimensions of the plastic button, as well as the manner in which the plastic and aluminium parts are put together, are what distinguish flip caps from one another. Regarding the flip button design, the cap’s top surface might be flat or curved.

Key Features

Polypropylene disc: raised edge, mat or shine finish.

Custom proportions and designs.

Personalized text embossing or logo for identification.

Many colours (plastic disk and aluminium cap) to help identify the product.

All standard capping equipment has its design processes optimised.

Proper product inspection and sorting is guaranteed.

Proven capping solutions satisfy market and process needs.

Why Choose Pharma Packages?

Pharma Packages has been providing premium packaging solutions to the pharmaceutical industry with over 20+ years of experience. With the goal of providing consumers with the lowest amounts of defects, cross-contamination, particulates, endotoxin, and bioburden load possible, facilities are built at Pharma Packages to prevent contamination and defects and also able to address them if they do arise.

Their score line flip off seals assist preserving closure integrity, offer outstanding machinability, and verify the customer's goods. Plastic buttons and aluminium shells are available in various colours and special purpose polymers. Additionally, they employ premium raw materials to make their products.

Moreover Pharma Packages offer products of varying size ranges that too at an affordable price, this makes them a popular pharmaceutical firm, showing concern for their consumers.


The tamper-evident design of Score line Flip Off Seal is a major benefit. It is obvious if someone has tampered with the contents of the vial since the seal is made in such a way that it cannot be removed without breaking the seal. In order to guarantee the integrity and safety of medications and other sensitive materials, this capability is essential.

Using an aluminium strip that has been painted with coloured epoxy lacquer on one or both sides, a high-speed deep drawing method is used to shape the aluminium shell in scored flip up aluminium seals. When the aluminium is exposed to steam sterilisation and disinfectant swabbing, this lacquer will shield and preserve it.

The score line flip off standard caps are available in the sizes of 13mm, 20mm       

           and 32mm.

Scored Flip Off Aluminium Seals are manufactured with precision to meet export specifications. Additionally, lacquered aluminium sealing is offered by Pharma Packages. Their thumb can easily open the aluminium sealing seals. Furthermore, flip-off plastic caps are made from high-quality plastics.

Score Line Flip Off Seals are innovative packaging solutions used in the pharmaceutical industry. They feature a unique design that ensures enhanced safety during opening by leaving no sharp edges on the aluminum seal when the plastic flip is removed.

Score Line Flip Off Seals are designed with a score line feature that ensures a smooth edge when the plastic flip is removed, reducing the risk of accidental cuts or injuries during handling.

Pharma Packages offers a variety of customization options for Score Line Flip Off Seals, including colors, finishes, and personalized text embossing or logos, allowing for effective branding and product differentiation.

Yes, Score Line Flip Off Seals are designed to seamlessly integrate with standard capping equipment, ensuring ease of use and reliability in pharmaceutical packaging processes.

Each Score Line Flip Off Seal undergoes rigorous quality control measures to guarantee its integrity and functionality. This includes thorough inspection and testing to ensure compliance with industry standards.

Score Line Flip Off Seals offer several benefits, including enhanced safety, convenience during handling, customization options for branding, compatibility with standard capping equipment, and assurance of quality and reliability.

While Score Line Flip Off Seals are primarily designed for pharmaceutical packaging, their versatile design and customizable features make them suitable for various other applications where safety, convenience, and quality are paramount.

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