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“We have to realize our corporate dreams of supporting the global healthcare industry for a
healthier tomorrow. We will make our sincere efforts by refining our product quality, technical
capabilities, cost efficiencies, steady supplies and human resource development.”

Dilbar Hussain CEO

Dilbar Hussain CEO

Meet Mr Dilbar Hussain CEO

Dilbar Hussain is the visionary behind Pharma Packages, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to pharmaceutical excellence. With a profound understanding of the industry, he leads our efforts in providing tailored packaging solutions that enhance pharmaceutical manufacturing. Under Dilbar’s strategic guidance, we stand at the forefront of revolutionizing injectable drug packaging, ensuring efficacy and security throughout the entire production and distribution process. Our paramount goal is to maintain the highest packaging standards, safeguarding product integrity and ensuring user safety at every step.

Meet Our Team

Our team is led by seasoned industry professionals, each with a wealth of experience in pharmaceutical packaging. Their leadership ensures that Pharma Packages remains at the forefront of innovation and quality.

Syed Ameer Ali
Head of Business Development
MF Faizi
General Manager Marketing
Aamir Shahzad
General Manager
Ahmad Amin
Business Development Officer
Syed Qadeer Ali
Chief Marketing Officer
Shehroz Durrani
General Manager Operations
Muhammad Bilal Haider
Material & Inventory manager
Noman Qamar
Manager Accounts and Taxations

Our ACE Values

Agility reflects the ability to adopt quickly and effectively to the pharmaceutical packaging industry’s changes, challenges and opportunities. It involves being responsive, proactive and flexible in addressing evolving market demands, regulatory requirements and customer needs.

Care emphasizes the commitment to ensure the well-being and safety of patients and end users. It involves prioritizing quality, precision, and attention to detail in the design and production of packaging material to protect the integrity and efficacy of pharmaceutical products.

Excellence represents the pursuit of the highest standards in all aspects of pharmaceutical packaging operations. It involves a commitment to delivering high-quality packaging solutions, leveraging innovative technologies, and continuously improving processes to exceed customers’ expectations.


    • Pharma Packages’ Commitment to Sustainability At Pharma Packages, our dedication to sustainability is not just a promise; it’s a mission that drives our daily operations. We are proud to share our ongoing initiatives in the journey toward a more sustainable future:
    • Recycling Practices:
      • Water Recycling for Injection Mould Cooling: In our manufacturing process, we understand the importance of conserving precious resources. That’s why we’ve implemented a water recycling system, specifically for cooling the moulds in our injection moulding process. Instead of wastefully draining the water, we recycle and reuse it, minimizing water consumption and promoting responsible water management.
      • Materials Recycling: We also prioritize the use of recycled materials, such as polypropylene, in our products. Rather than disposing of these materials, we recycle and remould them, giving a second life to resources that might otherwise go to waste.
      • Responsible Aluminum Waste Management: Aluminum is another critical component of our products. We collaborate with third-party recycling facilities to recycle and repurpose aluminium waste for extrusion purposes, reducing the need for new aluminium production.


    • Pharma Packages’ Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Beyond manufacturing sustainable products, we are deeply committed to our community. Our CSR initiatives focus on health and education:
    • Supporting Health and Education: Our primary focus in CSR is on providing essential health and education facilities to our community. We recognize that a healthy and enlightened society is the foundation of a brighter future. By supporting health and education, we aim to empower individuals, families, and communities with the knowledge and resources they need to thrive.
    • Beyond Traditional Charity: While we participate in traditional charitable activities, we go further by focusing on long-term investments in health and education. We believe that sustainable change requires ongoing support, and we are committed to making a lasting impact on the well-being and knowledge base of our society.

Net Zero

    • Pharma Packages’ Path to Net Zero Emissions As part of our unwavering commitment to sustainability, we’re on a journey to achieve net zero emissions, minimizing our carbon footprint. Here’s a milestone we’re proud to share:
    • Transitioning to Solar Energy: In 2023, we achieved a remarkable milestone by successfully converting a substantial portion of our energy consumption to solar power. A remarkable 30% of the energy used by Pharma Packages now comes from solar sources. This transition not only reduces our carbon emissions but also demonstrates our dedication to clean and renewable energy solutions.

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