Pharmaceutical Pull Off Caps

Pull Off Seals

To maintain complete integrity in any closure system, an appropriately crimped aluminum seal or plastic cap is required. Our aluminum seals for vials provide the highest level of reliability.

Pharma Packages’ aluminum seals are monitored and tested under strict industry standards, and they use best-in-class alloys and plastic polymers. The seals are created using continuously improving manufacturing procedures. With this strategy, we hope to help our customers increase their efficiency and operational excellence.

Pull-off seals are the ideal answer for companies seeking faultless machinability on high-speed filling lines.

  • Multinational operations to suit the customers’ global supply requirements
  • Automated Vision Inspection
  • Available in 32mm and several aluminum colours.
  • Enhanced Machinability; this helps in improving the efficiency production line 
  • Low bioburden and particulate levels
  • RTU and RTS Availability

We at Pharma Packages Company manufacture easy-peel pull-off seals which are of premium quality. Our premium quality pull off bottle seal enhances pharma safety to a great extent. The top tier machines are used to maintain the quality with the assured effectiveness. 

Pull Off Bottle Seals : Product Features

Because of their exceptional strength and durability, our pharmaceutical pull-off caps are well-valued in the market. All the products in our product line are made using premium materials in compliance with international quality standards and rules.

Our Pull-Off Bottle Seal Features: 

  • Lightweight
  • Ideal completion
  • Airtight

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Key Features of Our Pull Off Aluminium Closures

Safe Product Protection

Tamper-evident aluminum flip-off seals offer a barrier that makes products unchangeable. With the flip-off feature, users may be assured of the product's safety by seeing any attempts at unauthorized access.

Leakage Prevention

During storage and transit, these seals are made to stop spills, contamination, and leaks. This functionality is particularly important for perishable commodities and liquid pharmaceuticals.

Customizable Branding

By adding logos, colors, and branding to Aluminum Flip Off Seals, we improve brand identification and establish a unique visual identity of our product.


Aluminum trash is a recyclable material. It can aid in preventing pollution in addition to saving electricity. We at Pharma Packages Company ensure recycling of leftover aluminum to the maximum level.


Pull-off seals are an effective and versatile security solution. All the sustainability measures are taken care with developing the pull-off seals. Along with this get access to tamper-evident features, customization options, and compliance with industry standards.


Pull-off seals are designed to be easy to use, allowing for quick application and simple removal by hand. These seals are equipped with features that make them effortless to open, helping customers to avoid any injuries during the removal process.

Why Choose Pharma Packages?

Over 20+ Years of Experience In Pharma Products

We at Pharma Packages have an experience of over 20+ years in manufacturing of pharma products. Over the years we have tried to maintain a well-developed standard of our pull off seals for infusion bottles. Our thriving experience ensures customers’ belief and assurance in our products.

Quality Assurance

Pharma Packages Company receives a high degree of refinement from quality control, which is necessary for producing high-quality machinery. The Pharma Packages brand is nurtured by a skilled workforce, engineers, and a committed sales team that is aware of the industry.

Customization Options

Several alternatives for design that improve the experience of having someone open pull off bottle seal is offered by Pharma Packages. Customizing options are made available according to the customer needs.

Versatile Use Across Pharma Products

Pharma Packages Company, specializes in maintaining all kinds of pharmaceutical machinery and changing parts in addition to manufacturing.

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In the biotech and healthcare sectors, aluminum flip-off seals are frequently used to close glass vials holding injectable medications, vaccines, and other biologics. These seals are produced from high-quality aluminum, which is corrosion-resistant and can survive tough weather conditions. The flip-off characteristic of the seal makes it simple to remove the cap, maintaining the sterility and lack of contamination of the vial’s contents.

Pull off bottle seals prevent the bottle from being tampered with, pull off bottle closures contribute to increased bottle safety. You can be sure that the medication within the bottle is secure if the seal is still in place.To stop the contents of the bottle from leaking or spilling, the bottle top seal holds the cap in place.

Pull ring seals have a nonporous surface, so it won’t affect the taste or smell of any vitamins, medications, or other goods kept in a glass vial. It lessens the possibility of things that would otherwise become caught in a container’s pores evaporating or contaminating the area.

Pull- tab caps possess an ergonomic design that makes it simple to remove. Plastic pull-tab tops provide superior defence against contaminants and moisture. These plastic caps stretch just enough to form for a snug fit and will not fall off during transportation.

Pull- tab caps are available in a variety of sizes or we at Pharma Packages can create custom pull tab caps with the quickest lead times in the business.

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